• Live music!  A wide variety of bands and live music services....

I simply love playing live music. Playing the saxophone and singing whether it's for a live audience or on a recording session brings a great sense of satisfaction to myself both through self expression and knowing I'm providing something enjoyable for the listeners.

Here's a list of some of the work i currently do and is available for hire:

"Skintight"                              (Funk band that i front on sax and vocals)

"Viv Rodd Quartet"                (Jazz band that i play saxophone in)

"Simon Latarche Quartet"    (Jazz band that i play saxophone in)

"Blue in Green"                      (Jazz duet, Sax and Piano with Simon Latarche)

"Paul Haywood Quartet"       (Jazz, Funk and Fusion instrumental Quartet)

"Paul Haywood Group"        (Vocal Jazz and Pop standards with an amazing backing trio)

"Chromazone"                    (Modern Fusion and Nu Jazz five piece)

"Big Milk and Haywood"        (Dj and Sax Duo providing an amazing combination of live sax                                                                   over all kinds of grrovey Dj'd tracks, House, Acid Jazz, Chill and                                                               Latin)

"DeluxX"                                 (This is a funky house crew that i playt live sax over at various                                                                events and night clubs)

"Customisable services"        (Saxophone or Vocals playing Pop or Jazz in any size group; solo,                                                            duet, trio quartet etc... I work with all the best south west                                                                    session musicians so can put together exactly the band or                                                                    music service you require)

Please get in touch  for more details if you would like any of the above to provide entertainment for your venue, party, wedding or function.

  • Available for recording sessions....
I've recorded for local radio station, several albums and numerous individual tracks. I play all styles to high professional standard and to date have recorded in the following styles: Jazz (Bebop, Fusion, standard, Latin) Pop, Funk, Soul, Rock, Blues and also Modern Classical.